Developing a novel screening tool to address pediatric COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy at point of care.

Publication date: Mar 01, 2024

Many children are still not vaccinated against COVID-19, often attributed to rising pediatric vaccine hesitancy. To address this complex public health issue, interventions that uncover parental thinking at point of care are needed to help facilitate discussions in the exam room. The cognitive science framework of Rule Developing Experimentation helps distinguish how people think about day-to-day topics by presenting respondents with a systematic combination of messages that determines the ideas primarily driving their decisions. We hypothesized that Rule Developing Experimentation can empirically assess and identify parental mind-sets in deciding to vaccinate their children to prevent COVID-19. Artificial intelligence was also incorporated to more efficiently help formulate messages. Through an iterative process, surveying a total of 600 participants, three mind-sets emerged regarding the types of messages which parents believe would convince them to vaccinate their children to prevent COVID-19. These three mind-sets are summarized by the following phrases – “Covid is Serious,” “Science Says Vaccine Works,” and “Vaccine Returns Kids to Normalcy”. Using these mind-sets, a simple six-question instrument (i. e., Personal Viewpoint Identifier) was then created to quickly discern at point of care a parent’s mind-set surrounding pediatric COVID-19 vaccination. By quickly identifying a parent’s mindset at point of care, providers can then utilize the results of the assessment to deliver individualized messaging to parents about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination. A future study is planned to evaluate the impact of incorporating the Personal Viewpoint Identifier into routine pediatric care settings on COVID-19 vaccination rates.

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Future Rule Developing Experimentation
Parents Vaccine hesitancy


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