Immunologic predictors of vaccine responsiveness in patients with lymphoma and CLL.

Publication date: Mar 04, 2024

Patients with B-cell lymphomas have altered cellular components of vaccine responses due to malignancy and therapy, and the optimal timing of vaccination relative to therapy remains unknown. SARS-CoV-2 vaccines created an opportunity for new insights in vaccine timing because patients were challenged with a novel antigen across multiple phases of treatment. We studied serologic mRNA vaccine response in retrospective and prospective cohorts with lymphoma and CLL, paired with clinical and research immune parameters. Reduced serologic response was observed more frequently during active therapies, but non-response was also common within observation and post-treatment groups. Total IgA and IgM correlated with successful vaccine response. In individuals treated with CART-19, non-response was associated with reduced B and T follicular helper cells. Predictors of vaccine response varied by disease and therapeutic group, and therefore further studies of immune health during and after cancer therapies are needed to allow individualized vaccine timing.

Concepts Keywords
Lymphomas antibody response
Mrna CAR T cells
Retrospective humoral response
Unknown immune checkpoint blockade
Vaccine lymphoma
vaccine timing


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disease VO vaccine
disease MESH lymphoma
disease MESH B-cell lymphomas
disease MESH malignancy
disease VO vaccination

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