The blood holds clues to understanding long COVID

Publication date: Mar 05, 2024

And stories from frustrated long haulers continue to appear in the news. Better diagnostics mean people suffering from long COVIDs myriad symptoms could put a firm label on their condition. Usually, the immune system keeps these viruses under control. In some people with long COVID, powerful immune players called T cells also seem to go out of whack. Scientists in England analyzing the blood of long COVID patients found T cells that release high levels of an alarm signal called interferon-gamma. Long COVID can show up differently in different groups of people, scientists have found. Im lucky because my symptoms started improving after about six months. Scientists could then measure those molecules in other people with long COVID to see if they might be good candidates for the drug. But in some people with long COVID, the alarm-raising fragments can linger in the blood, Morgans team reported February 14 in Med. )Multiple clinical trials are in the works to test the antiviral drug Paxlovids effect on people with long COVID.

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