Therapeutic cysteine protease inhibitors: a patent review (2018 – present).

Publication date: Mar 06, 2024

Cysteine proteases are involved in a broad range of biological functions, ranging from extracellular matrix turnover to immunity. Playing an important role in the onset and progression of several diseases, including cancer, immune-related and neurodegenerative disease, viral and parasitic infections, cysteine proteases represent an attractive drug target for the development of therapeutic tools. Recent scientific and patent literature focusing on the design and study of cysteine protease inhibitors with potential therapeutic application has been reviewed. The discovery of a number of effective structurally diverse cysteine protease inhibitors opened up new challenges and opportunities for the development of therapeutic tools. Mechanistic studies and the availability of X-ray crystal structures of some proteases, alone and in complex with inhibitors, provide crucial information for the rational design and development of efficient and selective cysteine protease inhibitors as preclinical candidates for the treatment of different diseases.

Concepts Keywords
Cancer Cathepsins
Efficient coronavirus
Neurodegenerative drugs
Viral main protease
papain-like protease
small molecules


Type Source Name
drug DRUGBANK L-Cysteine
disease MESH cancer
disease MESH neurodegenerative disease
disease MESH parasitic infections
disease VO effective
disease VO efficient
drug DRUGBANK Papain

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