Appointment Factors Contributing to Children with Speech Disorders Missing Speech and Language Pathology Appointments.

Publication date: Mar 04, 2024

This study explores missed pediatric speech and language pathology (SLP) appointments to identify barriers for patients with speech disorders. Data from 839 referrals at Boston Medical Center, including demographics, appointment details, COVID-19 lockdown, and number of items on patient problem lists, were analyzed using chi-square tests and logistic regression. The findings revealed that lockdown status, appointment timing, appointment type (in-person vs telemedicine), referral department (ear, nose, and throat [ENT] vs non-ENT), sex, race, primary language, birthplace, and primary care provider presence had no significant impact on attendance. However, the number of patient-listed problems, prior cancelations, and missed appointments were significant predictors of patients who did not keep appointments. In conclusion, this research emphasizes the patient’s problem list and past appointment behavior as critical factors in predicting missed SLP appointments for pediatric speech disorder patients. These insights can guide targeted interventions to improve attendance and enhance SLP engagement.

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Boston attendance
Covid no-show
Missed pediatric general
Pathology speech disorders


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