Broadening the scope and rising to the occasion, an opportunity for anaesthesiologists to take the lead in healthcare quality & patient safety (again).

Publication date: Apr 01, 2024

The landscape of healthcare is characterized by high demands and scarce human and financial resources. This calls for action in improving healthcare quality. This review shows how anaesthesiologists are the designated medical specialist to share their affinity and knowledge in quality and safety, throughout the hospital and across the care continuum. Recent studies show excellent frameworks and examples of anaesthesiologist leading the way in patient safety and quality of care. Anaesthesiologist are early adapters of patient safety. In the last decades anaesthesia has become linked with patient safety and the quality of care. With the recent transition from peroperative to perioperative care; new opportunities are emerging, expanding our professional scope. Unfortunately, the anaesthesiologist is not often positioned in a leading role in quality of care and patient safety. After a brief rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which anaesthesiologists were visible in the frontline in many countries, we have unfortunately disappeared from the spotlight. This review shows numerous ideas, examples, and a framework how a leading position can be realized.

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