Healthcare Cost Burden and Self-Reported Frequency of Depressive/Anxious Feelings in Older Adults.

Publication date: Mar 07, 2024

Using the 2018-2021 National Health Interview Survey data, we examined the associations between healthcare cost burden and depressive/anxious feelings in older adults. Nearly12% reported healthcare cost burden and 18% daily/weekly depressive/anxious feelings. Healthcare cost burden was higher among women, racial/ethnic minorities, those with chronic illnesses, mobility impairment, and those with Medicare Part D, but lower among individuals with Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibility, Medicare Advantage, VA/military insurance, and private insurance. Daily/weekly depressive/anxious feelings was higher among healthcare cost burden reporters. The COVID-19 pandemic-related medical care access problems were also associated with a higher risk of reporting healthcare cost burden and depression/anxiety.

Concepts Keywords
Adults chronic conditions
Depressive COVID-19
Medicare delayed healthcare
Weekly depression/anxiety
prescription medication


Type Source Name
disease VO frequency
disease MESH chronic illnesses
disease MESH COVID-19 pandemic

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