Vaccination coverage against COVID-19 among rural population in Haryana, India: A cross-sectional study.

Publication date: Mar 08, 2024

Conducting a study in rural pre-dominant areas will help to understand the penetration of the vaccination campaign during the COVID-19 health crisis. This study aimed to investigate vaccination coverage against COVID-19 among the rural adult population in India and to identify factors associated with vaccination coverage. A population-based cross-sectional study was conducted among the rural population in one district of north India from January to February 2023. A semi-structured questionnaire was designed on the SurveyMonkey digital platform for interviewing the participants, which consisted of questions related to socio-demographic profile, health problems, vaccination status, types of vaccine, re-infection after vaccination, and functional difficulties. The data regarding infection with COVID-19 was collected based on self-reported positive testing for SARS-CoV 2 on RT-PCR. A total of 3700 eligible individuals were enumerated for the survey, out of which 2954 (79. 8%) were interviewed. The infection rate of past COVID-19 infection, based on self-report of testing positive, was 6. 2% (95%CI: 5. 3-7. 1). Covishield vaccine was received by most participants (81. 3%, 2380) followed by Covaxin (12. 3%, 361) and Pfizer manufactured vaccine (0. 03,1). The coverage for first, second, and booster doses of the vaccine was 98. 2% (2902), 94. 8% (2802), and 10. 7% (315) respectively. The risk of reinfection at 12 months or more among participants with two doses of vaccine was 1. 6% (46/2802, 95%CI: 1. 2-2. 1). The coverage among those with severe functional difficulties was lesser as compared to those with some or no difficulties. Vaccination coverage against COVID-19 in rural Haryana, India is not dependent on factors like gender or occupation but is dependent on age and education. Although the full and partial vaccination coverage is high, the booster dose coverage is poor. In addition, the presence of severe disability was significantly associated with reduced vaccination coverage.

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