A bibliometric analysis of Kawasaki disease from 1974 to 2022.

Publication date: Mar 15, 2024

To analyse the research history, development trends and current status of relevant literature in the field of Kawasaki disease, and to provide the basis for future directions in Kawasaki disease (KD) research. Literature on Kawasaki disease published between January 1974 and December 2022 was searched for in the Web of Science database, and CiteSpace was used to perform visual analyses. The search yielded a total of 6950 articles. The number of publications related to Kawasaki disease showed an increasing trend. A collaborative network analysis revealed that the United States, Japan and mainland China were the most influential countries in this field. The University of California system contributed the most publications and the journal with the most publications was Circulation. JW Newburger was an authoritative author in this field. “Coronary artery lesion”, “Intravenous immunoglobulin” (IVIG) and “Risk factor” were three prominent keywords. Keyword bursts changed from “TNF” and “IVIG”, which focused on aetiology and treatment, to “Long term management”, which emphasized the recovery period, and to “Kawasaki-like disease” and “Multisystem inflammatory syndrome” during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Trends of highly cited references indicated that landmark articles in different periods focused on Kawasaki disease guidelines, gene polymorphisms and multisystem inflammatory syndrome caused by the novel coronavirus. The aetiology of Kawasaki disease remains unclear, but viral infection is likely to play an important role. The combination of evolving sequencing technologies, large-scale epidemiological investigations and prospective cohort studies is likely to be important in exploring Kawasaki disease and improving its prognosis in future.

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