Student pharmacist perceptions towards community pharmacy practice.

Student pharmacist perceptions towards community pharmacy practice.

Publication date: Mar 15, 2024

Community pharmacy practice has incurred significant changes in scope of responsibility and workplace environment, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The trends may impact how student pharmacists perceive community pharmacy practice and their future career opportunities. To determine current perceptions that student pharmacists have towards community pharmacy practice. A 15-item electronic, cross-sectional questionnaire was distributed to approximately 2200 student pharmacists from March to April 2023. To be included, respondents needed to be a current adult pharmacy student. The questionnaire included items about career interests, perceptions towards 12 different aspects of community pharmacy practice, and demographics. Data were analyzed primarily using descriptive statistics. A priori stratifications included interest to pursue community pharmacy according to class year and according to level of work experience. A total of 146 responses were included (response rate 6. 6%). A total of 101 (69. 2%) respondents were women, 108 (74. 0%) were white, and the mean age was 24 years. Respondents represented all four pharmacy professional years and 113 (77. 4%) respondents reported current or previous work experience in community pharmacy. Most respondents were not interested in pursuing community pharmacy directly after graduation 77 (52. 7%), nor as a long-term career 87 (59. 6%). Student pharmacists found the most appealing aspects of community pharmacy practice to be salary/benefits, job availability and security, interactions with coworkers in the pharmacy, interactions with other medical professionals, relationships and interactions with patients, and teaching responsibilities. Student pharmacists found the work hours and schedule, business management responsibilities, navigating insurance-related tasks, and the pace of the work environment to be unappealing. Student pharmacists report a low interest in pursuing community pharmacy practice. Minimizing deterrents and enhancing the appealing aspects of community pharmacy as perceived by student pharmacists may help improve recruitment and retainment, as well as improve perceptions of the practice.

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