A Journey of Uncertainty: Learned Lessons From the Lived Experiences of Nurses in Kuwait Taking Care of COVID-19 Patients in the Early Pandemic.

Publication date: Mar 14, 2024

Purpose of the Study: This study explored the experiences of nurses in Kuwait who worked with COVID-19 patients during the first wave of the disease. Study Design: This was a qualitative descriptive study. Methods Used: In-depth interviews were conducted with seven (7) nurses who worked in intensive care units between September 2020 and March 2021. Findings: The experiences of Kuwait nurses in COVID-19 care showed an evolving journey of dealing with a strange and complex disease. With little known about the disease, the nurses approached COVID-19 care with uncertainty and ambivalence, unsure of where this journey would look like. Four themes emerged from the data and they included (1) from challenges to coping, (2) focusing on good health throughout the pandemic, (3) navigating through scarce resources and power dynamics, and (4) a multi-dimensional burden. Conclusions: Despite the difficulties encountered, supportive systems such as the availability of medical supplies, and support from superiors, colleagues, the community, and families, helped Kuwait nurses to cope with the stresses of an early COVID-19 pandemic while providing care. This approach takes a holistic stance to care for both patients and the nurses working in an epidemic setting.

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Disease COVID-19
Interviews experiences
Kuwait holistic care
Nurses Kuwait
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disease MESH Uncertainty
disease MESH COVID-19
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