Psychological well-being of healthcare workers during COVID-19 in a mental health institution.

Psychological well-being of healthcare workers during COVID-19 in a mental health institution.

Publication date: Mar 19, 2024

This study examined the psychological wellbeing of Healthcare Workers (HCWs) during COVID-19 in a mental health setting, associations of psychosocial wellbeing with coping style, and ways that organisations can mitigate the psychosocial burden on HCWs. Thirty-seven Mental HCWs (MHCWs) from infected and non-infected wards (control group), were recruited and assessed at three timepoints. Psychological wellbeing, perceived cohesion, and coping style (Brief-COPE) were assessed. Reports on individual coping and feedback on the organisation were collected through in-depth interview. Comparison between infected and non-infected wards, as well as comparison of psychosocial measures and perceived cohesion, across the three timepoints were made. As there were no significant changes in coping styles across the timepoints, Timepoint 1 (T1) coping style was used to correlate with the psychosocial measures across all timepoints. Thematic analysis was used for qualitative data. MHCWs from infected wards reported significantly higher levels of stress, χ2(1) = 6. 74, p = 0. 009, effect size: medium (ε2 = 0. 198), and more severe sleep disturbance (PSQI), χ2(1) = 6. 20, p = 0. 013, effect size: medium (ε2 = 0. 182), as compared to the control group at T2. They also engaged in more problem-focused coping (T2 and T3) and emotion-focused coping (T2). As expected, negative coping style was correlated with negative outcomes except problem-focused coping that was correlated with both negative (sleep disturbance and anxiety symptoms) and positive outcomes (wellbeing). Emotion-focused coping was moderately correlated (Tb = 0. 348, p

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Healthcare Coping
Interview Correlated
Psychosocial Focused
Sleep Hcws
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disease MESH COVID-19
disease VO population
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
drug DRUGBANK Creatinolfosfate
disease MESH sleep quality
disease MESH insomnia
drug DRUGBANK Cysteamine
disease VO ANOVA
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drug DRUGBANK Etoperidone
disease MESH Sleepiness
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