Overcoming antibody-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants with bispecific antibodies constructed using non-neutralizing antibodies.

Publication date: Apr 19, 2024

A current challenge is the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants, such as BQ. 1.1 and XBB. 1.5, that can evade immune defenses, thereby limiting antibody drug effectiveness. Emergency-use antibody drugs, including the widely effective bebtelovimab, are losing their benefits. One potential approach to address this issue are bispecific antibodies which combine the targeting abilities of two antibodies with distinct epitopes. We engineered neutralizing bispecific antibodies in the IgG-scFv format from two initially non-neutralizing antibodies, CvMab-6 (which binds to the receptor-binding domain [RBD]) and CvMab-62 (targeting a spike protein S2 subunit epitope adjacent to the known anti-S2 antibody epitope). Furthermore, we created a bispecific antibody by incorporating the scFv of bebtelovimab with our anti-S2 antibody, demonstrating significant restoration of effectiveness against bebtelovimab-resistant BQ. 1.1 variants. This study highlights the potential of neutralizing bispecific antibodies, which combine existing less effective anti-RBD antibodies with anti-S2 antibodies, to revive the effectiveness of antibody therapeutics compromised by immune-evading variants.

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