Willingness of Canadian community pharmacists to adopt a proactive life-course approach to vaccination services.

Publication date: Mar 19, 2024

Most Canadian jurisdictions authorize pharmacists to administer vaccines, with differences in vaccine and patient age eligibility. Vaccination rates could be further optimized if pharmacists took a more proactive role in life-course vaccine screening and administration. Health professional vaccine fatigue following the COVID-19 pandemic may negatively impact service delivery. To assess vaccine fatigue among Canadian pharmacists, understand their willingness to provide proactive life-course vaccination services and identify associated vaccine practice facilitators. One-on-one interviews were conducted with pharmacists recruited through a national community pharmacist Facebook group. Purposive sampling was used to select a diverse sample considering gender, province, and years of practice. Online interviews were conducted using a semi-structured guide with questions about vaccination experiences, perceptions of assuming a more proactive vaccinator role for adults and children, and current level of fatigue related to offering vaccination services. Interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed, and coded independently by two researchers; content analysis was used to identify themes. In spring 2023, interviews were conducted with 24 pharmacists from five Canadian provinces. Participants were receptive to a more proactive vaccinator role, feeling that vaccine fatigue had lessened, but strongly advocated for system and practice modifications to facilitate successful implementation. They emphasized the need for patient vaccination history access, the ability to administer all publicly funded vaccines, and fair compensation. Participants requested the development of electronic tools that connected to pharmacy systems that helped them navigate complex vaccine guidelines and clinical decision making, and the required documentation/billing. They also spoke of logistical concerns related to the incorporation of vaccination into their workflow and adequate staffing. Most participants were willing to vaccinate younger children if legislated age limits were lowered, provided they were trained and compensated appropriately. Pharmacists are interested in furthering their vaccination services offerings, including proactive screening and vaccination of young children.

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Canadian life-course vaccinations
Facebook pediatric vaccinations
Professional pharmacist
Vaccination practice change
scope of practice
vaccine fatigue


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