Factors Affecting COVID-19 Vaccine Decision-Making and Satisfaction: A Survey of US High School Students.

Publication date: Mar 21, 2024

To investigate self-reported individual-, household-, and community-level factors impacting COVID-19 vaccination decision-making among a sample of high school-aged US adolescents. We surveyed adolescents ages 15-17 living in the United States during September and October 2022 (n = 454). Univariable and targeted bivariable and multivariable analyses were conducted to examine associations between adolescent characteristics and COVID-19 vaccination status, satisfaction with vaccination status, reasons weighed for and against vaccination, and experience of perceived access barriers. More than three-quarters of high school-aged adolescents in our sample reported satisfaction with their current COVID-19 vaccination status, and respondents were more likely to report satisfaction with their COVID-19 vaccination status when they reported actively participating in the decision. Adolescents remain an important age group for targeted public health and policy interventions given that their vaccination rates still lag behind averages for adults. Allowing for minor consent to vaccination, as well as parent-, school-, or peer-based interventions, may prove especially effective for addressing rates among high school-aged students.

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Covid Adolescents
High COVID-19 vaccination
October Decision-making
Students Survey
Vaccination Vaccine uptake


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