Linear semantic transformation for semi-supervised medical image segmentation.

Publication date: Mar 21, 2024

Medical image segmentation is a focus research and foundation in developing intelligent medical systems. Recently, deep learning for medical image segmentation has become a standard process and succeeded significantly, promoting the development of reconstruction, and surgical planning of disease diagnosis. However, semantic learning is often inefficient owing to the lack of supervision of feature maps, resulting in that high-quality segmentation models always rely on numerous and accurate data annotations. Learning robust semantic representation in latent spaces remains a challenge. In this paper, we propose a novel semi-supervised learning framework to learn vital attributes in medical images, which constructs generalized representation from diverse semantics to realize medical image segmentation. We first build a self-supervised learning part that achieves context recovery by reconstructing space and intensity of medical images, which conduct semantic representation for feature maps. Subsequently, we combine semantic-rich feature maps and utilize simple linear semantic transformation to convert them into image segmentation. The proposed framework was tested using five medical segmentation datasets. Quantitative assessments indicate the highest scores of our method on IXI (73. 78%), ScaF (47. 50%), COVID-19-Seg (50. 72%), PC-Seg (65. 06%), and Brain-MR (72. 63%) datasets. Finally, we compared our method with the latest semi-supervised learning methods and obtained 77. 15% and 75. 22% DSC values, respectively, ranking first on two representative datasets. The experimental results not only proved that the proposed linear semantic transformation was effectively applied to medical image segmentation, but also presented its simplicity and ease-of-use to pursue robust segmentation in semi-supervised learning. Our code is now open at: https://github. com/QingYunA/Linear-Semantic-Transformation-for-Semi-Supervised-Medical-Image-Segmentation.

Concepts Keywords
Inefficient Deep learning
Informatics Feature map
Latest Linear semantic
Qingyuna Medical image segmentation
Rich Semi-supervised learning


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disease IDO process
disease VO inefficient
disease VO LACK
disease IDO quality
disease MESH COVID-19
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M

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