Self-reported perceptions of ethical and professional expectations of medical students in China and the influence of voluntary work during the COVID-19: a survey on “Five Characteristics”.

Publication date: Mar 28, 2024

In the post-pandemic era, there is a need for medical professionals with creativity, clinical expertise, and social responsibility. The Chinese government issued a directive to enhance the “Five Characteristics” perceptions of medical students, incorporating moral integrity and adeptness in saving lives and aiding the injured, embracing a compassionate approach to medical practice, possessing the knowledge essential for academic distinction, mastering technical expertise, and the artistry of applying scientific methodologies. The purpose of this study was to investigate the opinions related to ethics and professional behaviors of medical students at one Chinese medical school using a validated 19-item survey instrument and analyze its influencing factors. We conducted a survey in a medical university in Anhui Province, China, and collected 1966 valid questionnaires using the “Five Characteristics Rating Scale”. The results indicated high perceptions of “Five Characteristics” among Chinese medical students (85. 42 +/- 8. 727). Lower-grade-year medical students (86. 59 +/- 7. 888) had higher “Five Characteristics” perceptions than upper-grade-year medical students (84. 29 +/- 9. 327, P 

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Concepts Keywords
Academic Characteristics
China China
Compassionate Chinese
Injured Ethical


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease MESH student burnout
disease VO document
drug DRUGBANK Lauric Acid
disease VO frequency
disease IDO history
disease MESH occupational burnout
drug DRUGBANK Indoleacetic acid
disease VO effectiveness
disease VO USA
disease VO protocol
pathway REACTOME Reproduction

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