Implementation of a Blended-Learning Perioperative Nursing Education Program in Canada.

Publication date: Apr 01, 2024

Governmental COVID-19 mandates in Ontario, Canada, resulted in a backlog of perioperative procedures. Organization leaders were required to expand services after the pandemic; however, the ongoing nursing shortage and college-based structure of perioperative education programs complicated their response. In 2021, we developed an in-house perioperative education program using a blended-learning theory comprising online modules and videos, skills laboratory sessions, and clinical placement experiences. Nurses were required to apply for the program and remain employed at the facility for two years. Program evaluations showed that the novice nurses felt confident when beginning clinical experiences and preceptors believed the nurses were prepared for practice. Sixteen of 19 participants successfully completed the program, which helped resolve the staffing shortage. Novice nurses may benefit from a shadowing experience before applying for this type of program. Leaders in nonperioperative specialties should consider an in-house education program to help meet staffing needs in their areas.

Concepts Keywords
Canada blended‐learning program
Laboratory critical‐thinking skills
Nurses novice nurse
Pandemic nursing shortage
sponsorship model


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