Pediatric emergency department-based asthma education tools and parent/child asthma knowledge.

Publication date: Mar 25, 2024

Asthma exacerbations are a leading cause of pediatric hospitalizations despite multiple efforts to educate patients and families on disease course and medication management. Asthma education in the pediatric emergency department (ED) is challenging, and although the use of written action plans has been associated with reduction in hospitalizations and ED visits, written tools may not be useful for individuals with low health literacy. Moreover, asthmatic children should participate in their asthma education. In this prospective randomized study of 53 families presenting to a pediatric ED with a child experiencing an asthma exacerbation, education on asthma was presented via an interactive mobile-based video-game versus a standard-of-care asthma education video (SAV). Median age was 10 years; 64% were males. Many patients had moderate-to-severe asthma, with 57% experiencing ≥ 2 asthma-related ED visits in the last year, 58% requiring hospitalization and 32% reporting a critical care admission. In this cohort, the mobile-based video-game was found to be a feasible, acceptable educational tool; 86% of parents and 96% of children liked the game, while 96% of parents and 76% of children preferred playing the game over watching a SAV. Despite a history of persistent asthma, only 34% of children used an inhaled corticosteroid while 70% required rescue inhaler use in the prior week. Basic asthma knowledge was sub-optimal with only 60% of parents and 43% of children correctly recognizing symptoms that should prompt immediate medical care. This reflects a major gap in asthma knowledge that coexists with parental misconceptions regarding optimal asthma management.

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