Hereditary Connective Tissue Diseases and Risk of Post-Acute SARS-CoV-2.

Publication date: Mar 17, 2024

We completed a retrospective review of data collected by the JH-CROWN consortium based on ICD10 codes for a hospitalized cohort. The severity and prevalence of COVID-19 and development of PASC within heritable connective tissue diseases were unknown; however, clinical observation suggested a thorough examination was necessary. We compared rates of disease severity, death, and PASC in connective tissue diseases versus the entire cohort as well as in diabetes and hypertension to determine if connective tissue disease was a risk factor. Of the 15,676 patients in the database, 63 (0. 40%) had a connective tissue disease, which is elevated relative to the distribution in the population, suggesting a higher risk of severe disease. Within these 63 patients, 9. 52% developed PASC compared to 2. 54% in the entire cohort (p < 0. 005). Elucidation of populations at high risk for severe disease and development of PASC is integral to improving treatment approaches. Further, no other study to date has examined the risk in those with connective tissue diseases and these data support a need for enhanced awareness among physicians, patients, and the community.

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Completed connective tissue disease
Diabetes Connective Tissue Diseases
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