Trends in COVID-19 Vaccine Development: Vaccine Platform, Developer, and Nationality.

Publication date: Mar 01, 2024

Various vaccine platforms, including emerging platforms, have been applied in the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Biotechnology startups often lead the development of new medical technologies, whereas major pharmaceutical companies and public institutions have long contributed to vaccine development. In this study, vaccine platforms and developers involved in COVID-19 vaccine development were analyzed, elucidating the trends of vaccine platforms used, the country distribution of the developers, and differences in the profiles of developers by vaccine platform technologies and country. The analysis revealed that conventional, established, and emerging vaccine platforms have been widely used and that older platforms are more advanced in clinical development. It also demonstrated the emergence of China, in addition to the U. S., while many pharmerging countries have been engaged in development. Startups have significantly contributed to the development of viral vector and RNA-based vaccines, suggesting their important role in the application of novel technologies. The major developers differ by country and region. Alliances, including international collaborations, have progressed in late clinical development. Based on these results, future perspectives of pandemic vaccine development and implications for policy and corporate strategies are discussed.

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Concepts Keywords
Biotechnology COVID-19
China developer
Corporate national innovation system
Late vaccine platform


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