Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine uptake: evidence from a vulnerable global South setting.

Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine uptake: evidence from a vulnerable global South setting.

Publication date: Mar 29, 2024

Studies are paying increasing attention to complex social determinants in explaining the variation in the rates COVID-19 vaccine uptake. This study examines the influence of various individual, contextual, and vaccine-related factors on COVID-19 vaccine uptake behaviour in a resource-scarce and vulnerable setting using a quantitative research approach. Using a multi-staged cluster sampling approach, 408 individuals from 204 households in Cape Coast, Ghana’s tourism hub, were surveyed. Probit and logistic regression models were estimated to test the vaccine-related factors. A significant difference is observed between wait time and vaccination status (χ = 21. 17; p = 0. 000). Moreover, age and religion, as controlled variables, equally played significant roles in influencing the adoption of the vaccine. Other factors encompass the perceived risk of contracting COVID-19, the perceived benefits of the vaccine in relation to its side effects, and the level of trust individuals have in the concern of vaccine producers for their health. These findings call for targeted campaigns by the Ministry of Health, health facilities and other institutions promoting the COVID-19 vaccine. These actors should emphasize the benefits of vaccination, prioritize trust-building initiatives, and provide clear guidance on vaccination schedules, and manage waiting time.

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Concepts Keywords
Global COVID-19 vaccination
Religion Decision-making factors
South Ghana
Tourism Hesitancy
Vaccine Public health


Type Source Name
disease VO COVID-19 vaccine
disease VO vaccine
drug DRUGBANK Huperzine B
disease VO time
disease VO vaccination
disease MESH COVID-19
pathway REACTOME Reproduction
disease VO population
disease MESH vaccine preventable diseases
disease IDO country
disease VO vaccinated
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
drug DRUGBANK Methyltestosterone
disease IDO process
drug DRUGBANK Ademetionine
disease VO frequency
disease MESH Marital status
drug DRUGBANK Dichloroacetic Acid
drug DRUGBANK Esomeprazole
drug DRUGBANK Trestolone
drug DRUGBANK Fenamole

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