Safety of cricotracheostomy with skin and tracheal membrane flaps for severe COVID-19 patients.

Safety of cricotracheostomy with skin and tracheal membrane flaps for severe COVID-19 patients.

Publication date: Mar 28, 2024

Airway surgery is performed for COVID-19 patients who require long-term tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. Tracheostomy sometimes causes postoperative complications represented by bleeding at a relatively high rate in COVID-19 patients. As an alternative surgical procedure to tracheostomy, cricotracheostomy may reduce these complications, but few studies have examined its safety. Data were retrospectively collected for sixteen COVID-19 patients (11 underwent tracheostomy, 5 underwent modified cricotracheostomy). In addition to patients’ backgrounds and blood test data, the frequency of complications and additional care required for postoperative complications were collected. Statistical analysis was conducted by the univariate analysis of Fischer analysis and Mann-Whitney U test. Five cases experienced postoperative bleeding, four cases experienced peristomal infection, and one case experienced subcutaneous emphysema in the tracheostomy patients. These complications were not observed in the cricotracheostomy patients. The number of additional cares for postoperative complications was significantly lower in cricotracheostomy than in tracheostomy patients (p < 0. 05). Modified cricotracheostomy could be a safe procedure in airway surgery for patients with COVID-19 from the point of fewer postoperative complications and additional care. It might be necessary to select the cricotracheostomy depending on patients' background to reduce postoperative complications.

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Fischer Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Larynx Postoperative complications
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