Measuring moral distress in health professionals using the MMD-HP-SPA scale.

Publication date: Apr 03, 2024

Moral distress (MD) is the psychological damage caused when people are forced to witness or carry out actions which go against their fundamental moral values. The main objective was to evaluate the prevalence and predictive factors associated with MD among health professionals during the pandemic and to determine its causes. A regional, observational and cross-sectional study in a sample of 566 professionals from the Public Health Service of Andalusia (68. 7% female; 66. 9% physicians) who completed the MMD-HP-SPA scale to determine the level of MD (0-432 points). Five dimensions were used: i) Health care; ii) Therapeutic obstinacy-futility, iii) Interpersonal relations of the Healthcare Team, iv) External pressure; v) Covering up of medical malpractice. The mean level of MD was 127. 3 (SD=66. 7; 95% CI 121. 8-132. 8), being higher in female (135 vs. 110. 3; p

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